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15th Jan 2011: Empyrean, Streets of Downfall area added. New Goal 
              added in Marshlands of Agroth. Path of the Believer area 
              replaces Goblin Path. Friend reject added. Nofriends command
              added. 'Quit Check' bought back. Group GMCP info added.

5th Feb 2011: New Goals added in Kingdom of Ahner and The Halls of the
              Damned. Raiding/Defender checking changed. Added *Dice option
              on channels.

8th Feb 2011: New version of the custom Mushclient released - includes
              groupmon and multiple mapper enhancements. Mushclient 4.72

20th Feb 2011: Adventures in Sendhia replaces Ultima. Wildwood replaces
              Antharia. Sports and Mxit channel added. Light now settable
              as a damtype. Resist bars redone.

14th Mar 2011: New goals in Illoria, Infestation and Cougarian Queendom.

1st Apr 2011: Rumour becomes the newest Aardwolf immortal.

4th Apr 2011: Version r397 of the Aardwolf client is released.

9th Apr 2011: Instinct feature added to Aardwolf. Damage tracker 
              (Dtrack) command is in. Multi-command aliases added. Palace
              of the Song area and goal added. New goals in Silver Volcano
              and Temple of Shal'indrael.

14th Apr 2011: Xterm 256 color mode added to Aardwolf.

26th Apr 2011: Elvendar becomes the newest Aardwolf immortal.

14th May 2011: Knife Fighting skill added for thieves. Storm Ships of
              Lem-Dagor replaces ST:TNG. Prosper's Island replaces New
              Vertigo. New goals in Three Pillars of Diatz and Tournament
              Camps. Clanguard hp buffed.

6th Jun 2011: Blind Fighting and Ironfist skills added. The Witches of
              Omen Tor area replaces Dune. Black Rose goal added. 
              Hearfriends command added. Kill lag added on non-existent
              target. Spells options now useable in 'affects'. 'New' 
              option for character creation added. 

15th Jun 2011: Mushclient R1040 released.

23rd Jun 2011: Shoplifting skill added for Bandits. Necrotic Touch 
              added for Venomists. 

9th Jul 2011: Quickstab skill added. Amnesia spell added. Ninja 
              backstab in combat and rewritten Slow spell. Combat spells
              will continue on to next target. Charge tweaks including
              Knight getting the old charge.

15th Jul 2011: Aardwolf moved to a new server at

30th Jul 2011: Major changes to combat and grouping. All combat hits
              roll over now. Auto-assist is almost instant.

11th Aug 2011: Mastery redo option added. Ruins of Stormhaven area 
              replaces Arboria. Glimmerdim and Brightsea area replaces
              The Port. Dhal'Gora Outlands area replaces Stardock.

21st Aug 2011: Daily blessing feature added. New goals in Fort 
              Terramire and Artificers Mayhem. New area, Tanra'vea, 
              added by Rumour. 

23rd Aug 2011: Paramore steps down from imm.

25th Aug 2011: Spellup1 wish removed and made standard feature - lag
              halved on all spellups.

30th Aug 2011: Mafia game added to Aardwolf - written by Oladon.

12th Sep 2011: Potsearch command added. Keep of the Kobaloi area 
              replaces Dwarven Kingdom. New goal in Temple of Shouggoth.
              Venomist enhancements to cell potential, necrotic and

16th Oct 2011: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly rankings options 
              added. GQ Range change. Practice max raised to 85%.
              Rauction max items increased. Extra backstab hit for 
              venomists. Sagen steps down from imm.

17th Oct 2011: Boot Camp, Aardwolf's Official Newbie clan, was created and 
              the first leaders inducted.

23rd Oct 2011: Styliann (Tlamacazqui) becomes the newest Aardwolf

7th Dec 2011: Aardwolf celebrates 15 years online!!
              New goals in the Forest of Lidnesh and Mountains of 
              Desolation. New area, Mudwog Swamps, replaces the River of

22nd Dec 2011: Santa comes to town! (1e from recall)

25th Dec 2011: Justme and Flat step down from imm.

29th Dec 2011: Santa goes back home.

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