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16th Jan 2009: Forgetskills command added and 'spellup' made to 
              recognize mutually exclusive skills/spells. Fireswamps
              area (Tsubaki) added, replacing firenewts. Stone city goal
              added (Domain). Tree of Life extension added (Citron). 

3rd Feb 2009: Desecration and Safeguard abilities added. Object 
              handling combined for get/drop/put. Filter added to scan.
              Cleric multicasting now wisdom only. New Goals in Canyon
              Memorial Hospital, Takeda's Warcamp and Raganatittu.

24th Feb 2009: Flank, Holy Shield and Haven abilities added. New Goals
              in Empire of Talsa, Insanitaria and Stuff of Shadows. Wish
              adjustment cost reduction and keepall wish cost reduced. 
              Combined output on sell, sacrifice and keep/unkeep. 'Spellup
              check' option added.

20th Apr 2009: Domain, Filt, Jaenelle, Penthesilea, and Sagen join the
              Imm team. Vilgan, Xantcha, and Obyron step down from Imm.

27th May 2009: Star Wars area converted to Imperial Nation (Domain).
              New goals added in Fens and Amazon Nation. Clan guard hp
              increased by approx 60-80%.

31st May 2009: Courts of Chaos redone as House of Cards (Akirian).
              Winterfell redone as Winterlands (Zafirah). Both areas
              include goals. Also new goals in Yarr, Eternal Autumn,
              Deathtrap Dungeon and The Flying Citadel.

19th Jun 2009: Xantcha, with a gluttonous capacity for punishment and
              pain, rejoins the Immortals.

13th Jul 2009: New Goals in the Fortress of Angband and Christmas 
              Vacation. New area Sho'aram, Castle in the Sand replacing
              the High Tower of Sorcery. New original area Plains of 
              Nulan'Boar added (Falkon & Pursia).

30th Jul 2009: SoulBlade area extended and goal added. Coven area 
              replaced with Sheila's Cat Sanctuary (Dras). Blackadder
              area redone as Intrigues of Times Past (Akirian). New
              original area: Realm of the Hawklords (Domain).

4th Sep 2009: The new Aardwolf bugtracker is now online. For more
              info see
'help bugtracker'

8th Sep 2009: New goals in Goblin Path, Land of Oz and Dungeon of
              Doom. Cthos Mishrak replaced with 'The Keep of Kearvek'
              area (Lupercus).

21st Sep 2009: Guardian's Spyre of Knowledge area added (Plaideleon &
              Kirek). New goals in Goblin Fortress and Cloud City of
              Gnomalin. PK counters added. Silentspell redone. Okeys
              command added for builders. Damage reduction in PVP at
              level 199 added. Dodge reduction effect lowered. Min item
              capacity increased for tiers.

26th Oct 2009: Warrior's Training Camp area added (Lyarra). Broken
              Halls of Horath (Lumina) replaces Dragon Mountain. Object
              IDs now fully working (see 'help objectid'). 

27th Oct 2009: New Epic, Journey to the Inferno area added by Quadrapus.

22nd Nov 2009: Lasertag overhaul. PKOFF command added. 3 new goals
              in Dark Elf Stronghold, The Grand City of Knossos and 
              Cradlebrook. Noshare flag added.

4th Dec 2009: Hardware Upgrade - 30gb Intel SSD added.

5th Dec 2009: Northstar goal added. Realm of the Sacred Flame area
              added (Domain). Train convertall and train allpracs added.

22nd Dec 2009: Santa Comes to town.  Lots of fun.

26th Dec 2009: Santa leaves Aylor and went to making mud areas.

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