Help CM-Vnum

Help Cm-vnum

Clan Management: Vnum/Key Allocation

This page indicates the ranges of vnums allocated or reserved within your
clan hall area.

For all clans:

clan-0 to clan-54 is available for your Main Hall and Clan Maze

For PK clans only:

clan-55 to clan-64 is available for your Public Hall
clan-65 to clan-67 is available for closed tier equipment (obj only)
clan-69          is reserved for your Record Room (room only)

Where 'clan' represents your clan shortname (ie: "wolf-55")

* Unless otherwise noted, the ranges listed cover an object, a room and a
  mob for each vnum within the range.
* PK clans may use public hall object vnums within the main hall as
  private equipment.  This only works one way - main hall vnums can't be
  used in the public hall.

It should also be noted that the total mob limit in the main hall is 55.