Help CM-Infomsg

Help Cm-infomsg

Clan Management: Info Messages

MG 3.0  Change a clan info message                            2M

There are eight different messages you can customize for your clan members.
Six (all but entry/exit") appear on the various INFO channels.  Entry/exit
messages are controlled by turning clantalk on/off.

  Joining : Displayed when a player is recruited into your clan.
  Outcast : Displayed when a player is outcast from your clan.
    Level : Displayed when your clan members gain a level.
    Death : Displayed when your clan member dies (mobile or player).
  Powerup : Displayed when your clan's heroes/superheroes powerup.
    Entry : Your clan's members see this when a member logs on. 
    Exit : Your clan's members see this when a member quits.
  Suicide : Displayed when a character uses the suicide command.

Claninfo messages use the same variable syntax as socials (see 'help new
social' for a list), with a few exceptions:

- %d is used to represent the character's level in level messages.
- The order of the variables in the leveling message MUST be $n before %d.
- These messages should be kept to a max of 80 characters. 
- No color codes may be used in these messages. 
- Suicide messages only use actor variables ($n, not $N).

An example message would look like this:

    Level : $n is so cool, $e gains a level! $f is now level %d!

IMMS: See help 'eventinfo'