GQ Rules

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During a gquest, you MAY:

* Receive a spellup from, or give a spell-up to, another player.
* Get general mud information from others.
* Borrow or purchase objects needed to access gquest targets.
* Remain grouped as long as the group is not attempting to
  influence the outcome of your gquest in any way. 

During a gquest you MAY NOT:

* Use a trigger to automatically join.
* Stack the mob speedwalk with the kill command.
* Interfere with gquesters outside your own leveling range.
* Join a gquest you have no intentions of taking part in to delay the
  gquest for *any* reason (friend leveling into the range, etc).
* Killsteal; Policies4 is generally in effect during gquests. However, 
  you should only file a complaint if you were in the area and 
  ready to fight your target at the time of the kill.

Please also see policies6.