Help Donate

If you are looking for help on the donate command, see 'help odonate'.
[ AUG 2021: Donations are currently OPEN ]
Aardwolf is free to play but it is not free to run. From time to time,
we accept donations to help with the running, maintenance, development 
and advertising of the MUD. 

If you would like to contribute to the running and maintenance of Aardwolf
and receive a small in-game "thank you" (details below), you can make a
donation via Paypal or Bitcoin. For more information, visit


Donations are rewarded at a rate of 1 trivia point or 100 quest points per
USDollar donated. There is an additional reward of 1 daily blessing reset
for each 10 dollars donated and 50 training sessions for each dollar. If 
you are level 200 or 201 these will be actual trains, otherwise instinct 
trains. See '
help itrains' and 'help dtrains' for information on each
of these. You will also receive a 'pin' that has little practical value (a 
few minor stats in a unique 'medal' location) but is a symbol of recognition. 

Bitcoin donations are made by specifying the USD amount you wish to donate 
then paying the equivalent BTC based on whatever the exchange rate on
Coinbase is at the time the donation is made.

To save the MUD costs on transaction fees, the minimum amount you can 
donate is $10 USD. Unfortunately, we no longer maintain our PO Box so
are unable to accept donations via mail.
DISCLAIMER: Sending a donation to Aardwolf gives you no special 
treatment, and does not guarantee that the MUD or your character will 
continue to exist. You will receive the same punishment for breaking the
rules, whether you have donated or not. Donations give you no additional
say in the direction of the mud or no additional consideration/favors
other than the rewards mentioned above.

If you do not understand or agree with this disclaimer, please do not send 
a donation to Aardwolf. This disclaimer is necessary to keep the direction 
of the MUD based on what is best for the game, not on who donated the most.

Update July 2010
: After close to 14 years online, we are making a 
change in the way our donation model works. If we can raise enough income
to free up time for Lasher to spend more time on game development, we 
will. If we can make a profit, we will. The game is not going to 
significantly change but if this bothers you on principle, you should not 
donate to Aardwolf. Legally speaking, your donations are "purchases" and
not "donations". We are sticking with the 'donations' term for tradition

-------------------------------- NOTE -----------------------------------
  Donations are processed manually, but usually within a few hours of
  being placed. Depending on the time zone it may be a little while 
Please make sure you included a character name and chosen 
rewards with your donation. 

  If more than 24 hours pass before you hear anything about your 
  donation, feel free to email to check on it.
Please include the email address you donated from and the amount.
  The transaction ID is not useful - we don't see the same transaction
  ID that you do. 

Donation Pin Replacement: Players with an older donation pin are able 
to get a new pin on a second donation but must have an imm destroy the 
old one *before* the donation is made, then the donation code will 
automatically add a new one.