damage - syntax: damage(CH1,min,max,options) 

Damage allows the mob to inflict invisible damage on a player or group of characters.

If the first argument is a CH variable, that character is selected and/or it's group based on the options. If the argument is a name or "all", characters in the room are searched based on the options set.

Damage should usually be the last thing in a program as it can kill the target and remove them from the game. If you need to access 'ch' after using it with damage, you should first test it is still in your room using 'if ch.roomkey == self.roomkey'.

Using a target of "all" will damage mobs in the room - use LP_PLRONLY to target only players.

   LP_SEEALL No visibility checks, if the target exists damage will be attempted. 
   LP_PLRONLY Use this option to restrict to players only. 
   LP_MOBONLY Use this option to restrict to mobs only. 
   LP_ACTIVEONLY Only damage target if they are in-game. Players in note or edit mode will be ignored. 
   LP_GROUP When using with a CH variable or a name, if this option is set all group members in the room will be damaged. 

   --- Damage char who entered and all group members.
   echo("Have some damage!")