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The Daily Blessing bonus was implemented on August 21, 2011. Every 23 hours of real-life time you may pay your respects to your deity of choice and receive a blessing. To do so, simply type 'daily blessing'. You will always receive at least double experience mobs and double quest point quests. The blessing is selected randomly and will manifest itself in many forms; the possibilities are documented below.

If you receive a reward that is not listed below, please add it to the list by clicking the 'edit' tab above!

Daily Blessing Rewards

Triggers (mushclient regex format)

  • ^Next (.*) mobs? killed will reward double experience[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^Next (.*) quests? completed will reward double quest points[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^Next (.*) levels? or powerups? will add bonus trains[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^Next (.*) mobs? killed will reward bonus gold[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^(.*) instant levels? or powerups?. Type 'level up' to use.[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^(.*) minutes mud-wide double exp. Type 'double start' to use.[ ]*(.*)$
  • ^Ayla blesses you with (.*) additional gold.$
  • ^Ayla blesses you with a trivia point!$
  • ^Ayla blesses you with a free point of (.*).$
  • ^Ayla blesses you with (.*) bonus quest points?.$
  • ^Ayla blesses you with (.*) bonus training sessions?.$


  • daily blessing : Request your daily blessing.
  • daily : Shows blessing rewards and timers.
  • daily prompt : Toggles 'blessing available' notification.
  • daily reset : Use a daily blessing reset if you have one.

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