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The BattleCard Tournament League (BTL or BattleCard for short) is a group of
player-run games within Aardwolf.  BTL updates and event information are
posted to the Games Board and the game is run by Starphoenix and his dedicated
staff. Current staff listed on the website homepage.

(BattleCard Tournament League Arena Combat Game)

This is the primary game that was originally released in 2002. This game is run
usually as a one-on-one combat simulation. Players compete in this format for
points, rankings, and prizes. A regular season consists of a round-robin format
so players can compete against each other. The finale of a season is the
tournament where the players vie for the title of Tournament Champion.

The game has a dynamic stat-based system in which players can build themselves
in pretty much whatever fashion they choose -- such as a gritty warrior with a
sword two-sizes-too-big or the crafty mage that can explode you in his sleep or
anything in between. The game's actual battlecards are representations of the
powers they can call upon and are customizable and improvable. There is even a
"morph" system which allows players to mix and create entirely new cards (with
some hazards involved -- we have paramedics on standby in case).

Mini-games and bonuses are also offered to players in multiple forms. These are
often concocted by Starphoenix himself and bring on the freakiness but also
rewards those players daring enough to take them on.

Monster battles are a feature which allows players to cower in fear from stat-
eating slimes, scream in frustration at mysterious balls of doom, and even gaze
in awe at the terrifying two-foot-tall Grim Reaper himself, Gregg! And there is
always the staff's super-characters to keep things interesting....

Other project-related activities may also be available as they are developed.
These will be announced on Games board and social media if possible.

** The BTL is open to any Aardwolf player provided they are at least of
** on their second remort prior to requesting admission (total character
** levels of 202 or greater). This restriction is in place to ensure players
** are here to stay so as not to inconvenience invested players. The BTL
** staff reserves the right to refuse to accept players.

** BattleCard Project updates available on Twitter, filter with
** or follow @rstarphoenix. Contact Starphoenix via Personal Board with
** questions regarding BTL activities.

Thank you for reading this and we'll look forward to your participation.
--- Starphoenix and his BTL Staff


Battlecards takes place in the Games Room of the Bards clanhall located at 2wdws from Recall

General Game System

Disclaimer: This is a basic overview of the Battlecard system, for more in depth detail on the game system visit our website at Battlecard Tournament League Website

Battlecards is based on a basic dice roll system, most of the basic rolls to see if you hit miss, defend dodge etc. are based on a dice 1 100 roll (a roll of a 100 sided die)

The basic order of occurance is the player declares an attack and checks their attack percentage on the dice 1 100 roll. If they roll lower than their percentage they hit, if they roll extremely low they can critical hit. If they roll extremely high they can backfire and damage themselves.

Next is a defense check, assuming a successful attack check by the opponent the defending player checks against their defense percentage, this check is to see if they ready for the attack and able to defend themselves. Same as the attack roll a low roll means they are ready for the attack and may attempt to dodge and mitigate some of the damage. Rolling extremely low is a critical defense, you get a bonus to dodging and damage mitigation. Rolling extremely high is a backfire defense you take extra damage.

Next is the dodge check, assuming a successful defense check you have a small percentage based on your agility to completely avoid the incoming attack this is between the range of 10-20% on the dice 1 100 roll for all players. This percentage is very hard to change and only will go up on special circumstances.

Next is the damage roll, assuming no dodge check was made the attacking player now rolls their damage which is based on the level of their attack card.

After this is the defense roll the defending player assuming they did not dodge and made their defense check has a chance to mitigate a small amount of damage, this starts as a dice 1 5 roll but can be augmented later.

Player Statistics

This is a basic overview of the statistics the player has on their sheet and what they do.

HP or Health Points is your basic life stat, this is the amount of damage you are able to take until you die, battlecards is played in a fictional arena setting you lose by getting killed by your opponent.

CP or Card Points is the pool of points used to activate your attack cards. Every card has a CP cost in order to take any offensive action these points must be consumed.

Attack % This is your proficiency at executing an offensive action, in order to make a successful attack you must check under this percentage on a 1 100 roll, this statistic is unable to be raised above 95.

Defense % This is your readiness to defend yourself against attacks, in order to make a successful defense check and attempt to dodge you must check under this percentage on a 1 100 roll, this statistic is unable to be raised above 95.

Power This is your attack power for physical hits, a high stat in Power will give you a bonus to your damage rolls for physical hits and possibly augment your total damage if your opponent has a low Vitality compared to your Power.

Magic This is your attack power for magical hits, a high stat in Magic will give you a bonus to your damage rolls for magical hits and possibly augment your total damage if your opponent has a low Spirit compared to your Magic.

Vitality This is your physical defense stat, a high stat in Vitality will give you a bonus to your defense rolls against physical hits and possibly give a reduction in incoming damage if your opponent has low Power compared to your Vitality.

Spirit This is your magical defense stat, a high stat in Spirit will give you a bonus to your defense rolls against magical hits and possibly a reduction in incoming damage if your opponent has a low Magic compared to your Spirit.

Agility This statistic is your general mobility this statistic is added to your initiative to determine who moves first and also directly determines your dodge percentage.

Battlecard Staff

These are the Judge staff that are in charge of running the matches, if there is a question in rules the judges make the decisions.

Starphoenix -- Site Owner/Administrator, Head League Administrator, and Head Combat Judge.

Starky -- Senior League Administrator, Senior Combat Judge, and Starphoenix's conscience.

Inicus -- Junior Combat Judge In-Training and Assistant Site Consultant.