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Help Advisor

Many players wish to help new players when available, but are not able to
commit to the rigorous duties of a full-fledged Helper.  Advisors are
expected to 'step up' and help when Helpers are not available, but do not
have to help as rigorously or with other duties like CRs (though this
help is still greatly appreciated).

Advisors have access to the Newbietalk and Helpertalk channels, and the
ability to '
findcorpse', but do not have any other Helper abilities
(including newwhere, gag, and so forth). The advisor flag is visible on the 
Newbietalk and Helpertalk channels and in finger.  Roster 1 and 10 also 
allow 'advisor'.  Notes can be sent to 'Advisor'. 

Because Advisors are not always available to help, '
who advisor' only works
if the player using the command is a Helper or an Advisor.  This prevents 
new players from seeking help from advisors that may not be available.

How to apply

The Advisor flag must be set/unset by an Immortal. 

1. Make sure that you understand and agree to Advisor policies listed in 
help advisor policy';

2. Then find a sponsor for yourself. In order to do that, take a look at 
help advisor sponsors' and pick a name to contact. You can
  keep going through the list until you find a sponsor who has the time     
  to interview you. 

3. When the sponsor agrees to interview you and decides to back you up, you 
  are asked to post a single note addressed to '
Helper', 'Advisor'   
  and '
<YourSponsor>' on the personal board to request this flag. Your 
  application doesn't need to be a huge essay, but a little about your 
  experience and why you're interested would be highly appreciated. 

NOTE: In order to become an Advisor, a player must have reached his/her third
mort on Aardwolf and have been playing at least 350 hours on the game.
This helps establish a good overall knowledge of the game.

See '
help advisor policy' for rules regarding Advisor (and Helper) conduct.

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