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!!Academy Questions

*Which of the following is not a player stat on Aardwolf?
*Which command would you type to view your training costs?
*Name the helpfile that contains the phrase 'visible exits'?

*What command would you type to see only spells that add resistance bonuses to the target?
*What spell number is the 'fireball' spell?
*What command would you type to see which skills and spells are currently affecting you?



*Which command is used to flag an item so that you cannot drop it or auction it?
*Which command is used to view the stats and type of an item in your inventory?
*Which object flag allows an item to be seen and manipulated even if you are temporarily blinded?

*What command is used to see the stats on equipment for sale in a store?
*What command is used to take gold out of your bank account?
*What command is used to see items in the auction or place a bid?

Vladia's shopping list:
#A batch of Sara's Cookies from the Aylor Eatery.
#A carrion crawler water skin from the Aylor Grocery Store.
#A griffon's blood potion from Aeleron's Alchemy Supplies in Aylor.
#Acuity Scroll from Mayvor's Mystic Mastery in Aylor.
#Crafted Leather Boots from Gueldar's Armory in Aylor.
#An Aylorian Dirk from Xena's weapon parlor.
#A Red Apple from the orchard - picked fresh, not from store.
#A Reed Flute from Sen'narre Lake.

*Optional - Vladia would also like a bottle of Brewington special from the Land of the Beer Goblins.

*Which forum is the single most important to read to learn about game news and important updates?
*Which command is used to temporarily turn on/off all channels at once?
*Which channel is used for the discussion of buying/selling items in Aardwolf?

*What type of room is represented as 'D' on the in-game map?
*How many explorable rooms does Aardwolf have?
*Which continent is known as 'The Dark Continent'?
*What skill allows a player to find the destination of a portal before entering it?
*For my final question, which of the following is least likely to allow you to pass a locked door?

Social Studies:
*What command is used to see rank names and other clan information?
*You may need to read the 'rules' help file for this question. Which of the following is NOT a law of Andolor?
*You may need to read the 'marriage' help file for this one. Which of the following IS a benefit of marriage in Andolor?


*The answer to my first question can be found in 'config all'. Which config command toggles the display of enemy health after each round of combat?
*The answer to this question can be found in 'help prompt'. What does '%X' display when added to your prompt?
*Which command allows a specific player to loot your corpse?