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Help Venomist

-[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]=-=[+]=-=[ VENOMIST SUBCLASS ]=-=[+]=-=[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]-

  A Venomist specializes in all manner of toxins, able to 
  cure most standard poisons, and create or taint others' 
  potions.  Be wary of consuming anything given to you by 
  a Venomist.

Special skills/spells available to characters with the 
venomist subclass:

Cell potential                Balor spittle
Necrotic Touch                Scorpion strike


Ability to envenom weapons with an additional weapon flag.
Adds extra damage to weapon and enhances backstab when using envenom.

Note:  Venomist is a subclass of Thief.


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