The Wobbly Woes Of W

Help The Wobbly Woes Of Woobleville

A small piece of paper pinned to the bulletin board in the Adventurer's
Guild catches your eye...

                    The Town of Woobleville!

                    |  A savage earthquake |
                    |has sucked the town of|
                    |Woobleville down into |
                    |a formerly underground|
                    |sea. The fine Mayor of|
                    |Aylor has now called  |
                    |upon all the heroes of|
                    |the realm to aid in a |
                    |rescue effort to save |
                    |as many of the small, |
                    |green pot-bellied folk|
                    |as possible!          |

Level Range        : 40 to 60
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 55
Goal Min Level      : Level 35
Goal Converter    : Domain 
Area Author        : Derar & Lorelei

Area added Oct 17, 2004. Replaces Smurf Village.

The AardWiki has maps of the area here: