Help Seekers

Since the very beginning of civilization, life in all its forms has been 
marked with a constant desire for betterment and a continual yearning for 
knowledge and power.

Throughout history, many races of the world have sought, in various ways, 
to achieve true power through the use of knowledge. By poking and digging 
into dark and mysterious corners of the globe, by exploring new and 
dangerous lands, or by the tame act of simply reading a book.

A few of these select knowledge seekers have come together to form a
studious group of scholars known to the outside world only as "The

Additionally, the Seekers will gladly share their knowledge of the world
and its places. If any person has a question about an area, where to find 
this object, or how to defeat that dragon, the Seekers will give the
answer or work to find it.

For information on joining see help seekers-joining
For information on promotion/demotion and OC see help seekers-promotion
For information on the Seekers Code of Conduct see help seekers-conduct