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Help: Roster

Help Roster

Syntax:  roster (<clan short name>) <sort type>
        roster <sh|helper|advisor> <1|10>

The 'roster' command is used to list the members of a clan and display 
member lists in various orders.  To see your own clan's rosters, simply
use 'roster <sort type>'.

'Helper', 'Advisor' and 'SH' options are also available instead of a clan
name, to show those types of players.  Only roster options 1 and 10 are
available for these groups.

The sort types available are:
  1 - Player name.
  2 - Clan rank. 
  3 - Player level.
  4 - Date last on.
  5 - Primary class.
  6 - Current race.
  7 - Gold donated (own clan only).
  8 - Quest points donated (own clan only).
  9 - Clan tax paid (own clan only).
  10 - Level, tier, and classes for each player.

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