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Help Reown

Syntax: reown <item> <name> <name>

The 'reown' command is used to change ownership on non quest/trivia items
to another player. It costs 2 trivia points to change ownership of chaos
portals and 6 trivia points to change the ownership on any other item.  It
is not possible to reown quest or trivia equipment other than trivia/chaos
portals; see 'help rauction' for more information about transferring
quest equipment.

You must type the target player name twice to reown an item- please be
careful that you have the name and spelling correct as there will be no
refunds for typos and errors. 

If something is not owned at all, you may reown it to yourself to add
ownership using the same syntax as that used for a change in ownership
(just type your own name twice).

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