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Help: Ownedwhere

Help Ownedwhere

Syntax : Ownedwhere (<option number>)

Options: 1- All items, sorted by ascending level.
        2- All items, sorted by descending level.
        3- All items, sorted by item key, then ascending level.
        4- Precious items only, sorted by ascending level.
        5- Non-precious items only, sorted by ascending level.
        6- Worn items, sorted by item key.
        7- Items by level, showing object ids.

This command lists all equipment which has the ownership flag (see 'help
owned') set to you, which is currently in the game (on or carried by
yourself or anyone else online).  Without any arguments, it will list all
items first by ascending level, then by object key.  Using an option listed
above will change which items are listed or in which order they appear.

Owned equipment which has a keepflag will show an asterisk before the item
level.  An asterisk after the name in the Location field indicates that
piece of equipment is currently being worn.

To see equipment you are carrying which is owned to someone else, use the
'ownedcarry' command (see 'help ownedcarry').

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