Ordo Templi Extranea

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The Ordo Templi Extranea-- The Order of the Temple of the Outsiders-- was a
secret society dedicated to demonic studies in centuries gone by. They were
linked by some historians to the service of Valkur, Lord of the Demon Hosts,
and are said to have favored the worship of Rau-Chulegg the Ungod, Flayer of

General belief is that the Order died out some two or three centuries ago,
but some claim they merely took their worship underground. Either way, it
is doubtful anyone would come forward claiming to be a member. The halfling
scholar Jachin Belbo tentatively linked the philanthropic society Aqua Regia
to some new incarnation of the OTE.

A very few rare texts mention a group called Corin au-Aina Onoro who were
founded to oppose the Order, and were supposedly paladins of great renown.
They are likewise presumed to be defunct.