Help Objstat

Syntax:  quest buy objstat <item> <str|int|dex|con|wis|luck>

By spending quest points, you may add up to level / 30 (rounded down, with
a max of 5, minimum 1) stats to most items.  These are on top of any other
stats already on the object.  This must be used at a questmaster, and costs
500 quest points per stat added.

Each stat must be added individually; there is no way to add multiple stats
at once.  Using objstat will not set ownership if the item does not already
have it.  Lore and identify will show how many times objstat has been used
on an item.

Please note that objstat will not work on magically created lights, portals
or the trivia sleeping bag.

Be cautious when using this command; no refunds will be given.

Note: To help with the math: 
Levels 1-59    : May add 1 stat
Levels 60-89  : May add 2 stats
Levels 90-119  : May add 3 stats
Levels 120-149 : May add 4 stats
Levels 150+    : May add 5 stats