Help Objlower

Syntax:  quest buy objlower <item>

You may, at a cost of 500 quest points, reduce an item's level by one.  It
does not change the object in any other way (level-based effects are at the
original level, not the lowered level, and other stats are not affected);
it simply lowers the minimum level for using the item by one level.  You
may use this on any object up to 5 times, at a cost of 500qp per use.

This must be done at a questmaster.  Using objlower does not set ownership
if the item does not already have it.

NOTE: Existing level based effects are not touched, but once the item level
      is lowered, any future level based affects will use the new level. If
      you plan to (for example), enchant weapons to the max for their level,
      finish that before lowering the item level.