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Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Definitions

The following is a list of brief definitions for several of Aardwolf's
unique terms that will be encountered often as you progress through the
game. Please note that these definitions are by no means exhaustive, as
each term is fully explained in its own helpfile (syntax '

Academy: The Aardwolf beginning area with an interactive goal to help
  introduce you into the game.

Corpse Retrieval (CR): When you die, you leave a corpse with all your
  items on the ground. Just run back to your corpse and use '
get all
' when standing in the room where his corpse is. If you didn't
  get everything out on the first try, you can use 'wear all' then try
  'get all corpse' again. If the corpse doesn't decompose, look inside 
  to see what's left. If you see nothing inside, you need to be able to 
  detect invisible items. Use the command '
potsearch detect invis' in 
  order to see where that potion can be found. If you are in a nasty
  area, you can also simply '
get corpse' to pick the whole thing up
  and put it into your inventory (as long as it's not too heavy!).

Recall: The central point to the world of Aardwolf, located in the
  middle of The Grand City of Aylor. You always have access to the
recall' command to bring you to this central location, except for
  a few rooms like dungeons (always smart to carry a portal on you).

Hero/Superhero: A hero is a player who has obtained level 200. A superhero
  is someone who has paid a fee to reach level 201. You need to be level
  201 in order to remort.

Remort: Remorting is the process of starting back at level 1, with an
  additional class of skills and spells to choose from.

Tier: Once a player has obtained all 7 classes, a player can choose to
  tier. Your player starts back with a single class, with several
  bonuses. Those bonuses get better per tier with a max of 9 total tiers.