Help Multicast

Primary-class spells will cast quicker than other spells, often being able
to be used more than once in a round.

Almost all combat spells (primarily those which do not have other affects)
have a chance of extra damage/hits from a single cast.  You have a much 
higher chance of getting extra bonus casts from a primary-class spell,
though it may also happen on non-primary-class spells as well.  This is
often based upon your Luck as well as the spell's primary stats (and other
factors, such as the moons and alignment).  Some skills which have a daze
affect (e.g., bash, headbutt, etc.) will negate this ability for a short
period of time.

When casting spells that have a primary class set, the stats that determine
multi-cast chances have changed:

    Mage, Psi      : Int
    Warrior, Thief : Not casting classes, defaults to int.
    Cleric        : Wis
    Ranger        : Con and Wis, equal weighting.
    Paladin        : Con and Int, equal weighting.

The affect of luck has not changed and the chance of bonus casts for using
a primary spell vs non-primary have not changed. If a spell has no primary
stat set, int is the default. Skills are not affected by this- skills
already use whatever stat makes the most sense for them.