Help Loqui

:::The Revolution::: began during the darkest days of the
Great Cleansing, during which time there was great malice
and prejudice against the lower castes.

The movement started as several small, clandestine groups
of aggrieved commoners began plotting against the greed and
selfishness that was threatening to destroy their hopes
for an improved way of life. Inevitably, word of these
meetings reached the ears of the King and his closest

Soon thereafter, as the gatherings continued to grow in
both size and reputation, they were infiltrated and members
began disappearing at an alarming rate. In short order, a
Royal Decree was passed ordering the eradication of
all rebels.

Great screams of torment were heard throughout the land as
both revolutionaries and innocents alike were mercilessly
tortured and slaughtered for their beliefs in equality.

As the ocean of dead began to rise, the revolt surged in
numbers, recruiting advocates and finding allies from all
walks of life. As darkness mingled with light, education
with experience, this faction moved underground and developed
into a seriously vexing problem for the Kingdom.

Rumors are that this tenacious organization continues to this
very day, and that their quantity and clout continue to grow.
The upper castes have yet to understand the true motives
behind what they have appropriately labeled as
:::LoquI:::, the Outspoken.