Journey To The Infer

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In the beginning - before the elements coalesced, before the land had
protruded from the seas - the core of our very world was in turmoil.
Eventually, two factions rose up against each other, splitting the 
warriors nearly in two; while most of the names have been lost over 
the ages, it is known that those few who refused to fight were called 
the Burakumin.  As punishment for their inaction, after the war they were

After hundreds of years of torturous magical experimenting, the Burakumin
had been molded into war machines, far more powerful than their overlords.
In a last ditch effort to save the world from the now insane demi-gods,
the masters of the Burakumin sacrificed themselves, creating a prison to
seal the Burakumin away from this world forever.

Now, rumors have surfaced that the gateway has been reopened - that the
Inferno is once again accessible to this world.

Let us pray this is not true.

Level Range        : 201
Goal Difficulty    : Extremely Difficult (Epic)
Goal Recommended at : 201 Tier
Goal Converter    : Quadrapus
Area Author        : Quadrapus

This is a very high level area that requires a large group of powerful
characters to complete. This area is a morgue area- unclanned/outcast
players dying in this area will suffer usual death penalties but will wake
in the Aylorian Hospital with all their equipment.

Area added October 27, 2009.