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OC : Redirect for possible choices.
OLDMOTD : Information screen displayed at logon.
ONLINE : Shows online statistics for last 24 hours.
OPEN : Manipulate doors.
Object Flags : Descriptions of the object flags show in identify.
Object Read : Shows the psionicist details about an object.
ObjectId : Use of unique object id number for inventory management
Objlower : Spend quest points to decrease an item's level.
Objstat : Add stats to an object with quest points.
Odonate : Sends an item to the donation room for use by others.
Old Cathedral : The Old Cathedral area and goal information.
Onyx Bazaar : Information on the area Onyx Bazaar.
Oracle : Information about the Oracle subclass.
Oradrins Chosen : Information on the area Oradrin's Chosen.
Order : The command used to order around minions.
Ordo Templi Extranea: A supposedly defunct secret society.
Outcast : What happens when leaving a clan.
Outfit : Can be used at low level to replenish equipment.
Output : Change speed of some MUD text.
Ownedcarry : Explains the 'ownedcarry' command.
Ownedwhere : Show where your owned equipment is located.
Ownership : Bonds an item to you and makes it private.

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