Index I

IDEAS : Information on posting ideas within Aardwolf.
IMM ENCHANT : Description of imm enchant weapons.
IMMAPPS : How to become immortal.
IMMC-STAT : View detailed stats of a mob/obj/player/room.
IMMC-mlist : List an area's rooms, mobs, etc.
INCOMPLETE HEALING : Allows the caster to heal his wounds... albeit incomple
INDESTRUCTIBLE AURA : Creates a holy aura of protection around the cleric.
INDEX : Searching for help files by their first letters.
INT : Your character's smarts.
INTELLECT FORTRESS : Creates a barrier of mental energy around the psionic.
Ice Age : Aardwolf's hot-reboot system.
Ice Bolt : Hurl a deadly shard of ice at your enemy.
Ice Cloud : Breathe frost like a dragon, damaging all in the room.
Ice Daggers : Summon shards of ice to damage a foe.
Ice Storm : Summon forth the wrath of a winter storm.
IdeaP :
Identify : Allows caster to see statistics of an item.
Ifilter : Filter inventory/market searches.
Ignore : Ignore someone's tells and channel comments.
Illoria : Tournament fairgrounds and arena.Information about the
Illuminate : Allows the caster to imbue an object with a magical glo
Immolate : Damage foes with the flame of a red dragon's breath.
Immortal Homes : Home of the Immortals and the Aardwolf Plaza Hotel.
Immortals : I have inside me blood of Kings....
Imperial Nation : Information on the area Imperial Nation.
Imperium : Information on the Imperium clan.
Inertial Barrier : Creates a barrier of positive energy around the psionic
Infernal Voice : Allows a paladin to summon the voice of his/her god.
Inflict Pain : Allows a psionic to telepathically cause damage to the
Info : Toggling various types of game information.
Inquisitor : Information about the Inquisitor subclass.
Insanitaria : Information on the area Insanitaria.
Insanity : Bring out the real rage within.
Instinct : Information on the instinct feature
Instinct-Trains : Information on the instinct trains.
Interrogate : Information on the Inquisitor skill, 'Interrogate'
Intimidate : Allows a warrior to strike fear into his/her enemies ca
Intrigues of Times P: Information on area Intrigues of Times Passed.
Invdata : Inventory command for use with client scripts.
Invdetails : Displays tagged identification for a given object.
Inventory : Displays all (visible) objects a character is holding.
Invis : Grants the spellcaster invisibility.
Invite : Invites a person into your home.
Invmon : Track actions on inventory equipment with tags.
Ironfist : Information on the 'Ironfist' skill.
Is This Botting : Examples of what is/isn't botting.
Island of Lost Time : Information on the area Island of Lost Time.
Isle Estates : Off-shore beach community for older players.
Ivoted : MUD forum voting and reminder command.
invade : Command used to invade a another clan area.