Index G

GAG : Helper ability to control new players causing problems.
GAMESTAT : Displays tables of players currently online.
GATE : Allows caster to teleport to a mob or player.
GIANT : Information about the Giant race.
GMCP : Information on the GMCP protocol
GOLDCONVERT : Information on gold conversion.
GOODBERRY : Allows rangers to create sustenance for their party.
GQuest Rules : Rules for global quest participants/ and others.
GQuest_Rules_ARCHIVE: Information about previous GQ rules
GREETING : The login screen.
GREETING2 : The login screen!
GTRIVIA : Transfer trivia points to another character.
Gaardian : Information about the Midgaardian Publishing Group.
Gaias Focus : Selects an elemental focus for Gaia's Revenge.
Gaias Revenge : Unleash the wrath of the elements.
Gained : Information on the 'gained' field in 'rebuild check'
Gallows Hill : Information on the area Gallows Hill.
Gametalk : Play and discuss games within the game of AArdwolf.
Garbage Can : Quick transport to recall.
Gclan : Converse with other clanned players.
Giant Strength : Gives the target a temporary boost in strength.
Giant Village : Information on the area Peaceful Giant Village.
Giants Pet Store : Information on the area Giants Pet Store.
Gilda : Information on the area Gilda and the Dragon.
Gladiators Arena : Information on the area Gladiator's Arena.
Glamdursil : Information on the Glamdursil area.
Glare : Causes the Paladin to irridesce with Holy Light.
Global Quests : Competitive multi-target questing.
Globe : Creates a globe of extremely powerful armor.
Gnomalin : If you've gnowhere else to go....
Goal Solving : General advice in solving goals.
Goals : Lists area goals or details on a particular goal.
Goblin Fortress : A fortress of in-mountain tunnels and caves.
Godly Embrace : Wraps the caster in the embrace of his god.
Gold : The foundation of Aardwolf's economy.
Gold Rush : Information on the area Gold Rush.
Gossip : General MUD chat channels.
Gouge : Gouges the opponents eyes out!
Gqbot : Definition of the phrase 'gqbot'
Gquest : Global quest (gquest) commands.
Grab : Gives a chance to steal victim's weapon during combat.
Graduate : The final steps of new character training.
Graffiti : Leave a hidden message in a room.
Grats : Global congratulations channel.
Graveyard : Information on the area Graveyard.
Green Death : Diseases, poisons, and weakens the target.
Grey Aura : The ability to disguise one's alignment.
Ground Strike : Sends rippling earth to crush the foe.
Group : Form and manage a party of players.
Groups : Aardwolf's (lack of) custom character creation.
Gsocial : Global social channel.
Guardian : Information about the Guardian subclass.
Gypsy Caravan : Information on the Gypsy Caravan area.
glossary-cr : definition of CR
glossary-train : definition of train