Index C

CDEF-1Guard : Clan Defense Upgrades: Level 1 Guard Stats
CDEF-230Guard : Clan Defense Upgrades: Level 230 Guard Specs.
CDEF-Buffer : Clan Defense Upgrades: Buffer Rooms
CDEF-Customexit : Clan Defense Upgrades: Custom Watchtower Exits
CDEF-Exits : Clan Defense Upgrades: Maze Exits
CDEF-Index : Help Index for the Clan Defense Upgrade Files
CDEF-Info : Clan Defense Upgrades: General Information
CDEF-Keys : Clan Defense Upgrades: Keys
CDEF-Maze : Clan Defense Upgrades: Maze Rooms
CDEF-Mobs : Clan Defense Upgrades: Mobs
CDEF-Objects : Clan Defense Upgrades: Objects Index
CDEF-Portals : Clan Defense Upgrades: Portals
CDEF-Prison : Clan Defense Upgrades: Prison Traps
CDEF-Resets : Clan Defense Upgrades: General Information
CDEF-Rooms : Clan Defense Upgrades: Rooms
CDEF-Walkthrough : Clan Defense: Walkthrough Rules
CDEF-Watchtower : Clan Defense Upgrades: Watchtower Rooms
CENTAUR : Information about the Centaur race.
CH-Exits : Closed Hall Upgrades: Exits
CH-Glossary : Closed Hall Upgrades: Glossary
CH-Healer : Closed Hall Upgrades: Healers
CH-Index : Help Index for the Closed Hall Files
CH-Mobs : Closed Hall Upgrades: Mobs
CH-Punchbag : Closed Hall Upgrades: Punching Bag Mobs
CH-Questor : Close Hall Upgrades: Questor
CH-Rooms : Closed Hall Upgrades: Rooms
CH-Rules : Close Hall Updrades: General Rules
CH-Shopkeeper : Closed Hall Upgrades: Shopkeepers
CH-Shops : Closed Hall Upgrades: Shops
CH-Trainer : Closed Hall Upgrades: Trainers
CHANGE SEX : Free pr0n!!! teeheehee!!!111!!1
CHARM : Point to charm helpfiles
CHECKNAME : Checks a player name against the bad name list.
CLS : Clears the screen
CM-Advert : Clan Management: Advertising
CM-Claninfo : Clan Management: Claninfo Changes
CM-Goldtransfer : Clan Management: Transferring gold to another clan
CM-Gquest : Clan Management: Clan Sponsored Gquests
CM-Index : Help Index for the Clan Management Files
CM-Infomsg : Clan Management: Info Messages
CM-Leaders : Clan Management: Leader Changes
CM-Mazelocs : Clan Management: Maze Locations
CM-Records : Clan Management: Record Rooms
CM-Skills : Clan Management: Clan Skills
CM-Vnum : Clan Management: Vnum/Key Allocation
CM-Voting : Clan Management: Voting Booth Management
CON : Your character's overall hardiness.
CONDUCT : Expected conduct while on Aardwolf.
CONSIDER : Gives a rough estimate of target's overall strength.
CONSUME : Vampries' ability to feed on corpses for restoration.
COUNT : Shows number of visible players currently online.
CP : Redirect for possible choices.
CPBOT : Information to help campaign bots.
CR : How to find assistance getting back to your corpse.
CREATE FOOD : Magic used to create food while out in the wild.
CREATE SOUND : Say what you like, someone else will get the blame!
CREATE WATER : Magically create water while out in the wild.
CREDITS : Hail the original Diku mud creators
Cabal : Information about the Cabal clan.
Calculation : Work the odds for better results.
Call Lightning : A spell that calls down lightning on your foe.
Call Upon Faith : Temporarily become a champion of your god.
Call of Heroes : Information on the area Call of Heroes.
Calliopes Song : Bard clan skill to lure a mob towards the singer.
Camouflage : Rangers' ability to avoid combat attacks.
Camp : Create a tent and fire for nights out in the wild.
Campaign Rules : Rules dealing specifically with campaigns.
Campaigns : Long-term, multi-target quests with higher rewards.
Cancellation : Cancels magical affects on an ally or yourself.
Cannibalize : Allows psionicists to exchange hit points for mana.
Canyon Memorial Hosp: Information on the area Canyon Memorial Hospital.
Captain-General Alaz: Titular head of the Warriors' Guild.
Card games : Help on using playing cards found around Andolor.
Carnivale : The Olde Worlde Carnivale.
Cast : How to use magical spells on Aardwolf.
Cataclysm : The Cataclysm- a trip into past conflict.
Cause Critical : Causes serious damage to the victim.
Cause Decay : Decays a victim's flesh severely damaging them.
Cause Light : Causes minor damage to its victim.
Cause Serious : Causes serious damage to the victim.
Caustic Rain : Transforms a gentle rain into biting, caustic acid.
Cell Adjustment : Atomic level cell adjustment to remove poison/curses.
Cell Potential : Venomist ability to increase resilience.
Chameleon Power : Allows the caster to blend with their surroundings.
Champions Strength : Temporarily become a champion of your god.
Changing Flag : A changing weapon inflicts random damage types
Channel Energy : Focuses the psionicist's energy into accuracy and power
Channels : List of channels available on Aardwolf.
Chaos : Information about the chaos clan.
Chaos Portal : Tap into chaos itself to form random portals.
Chaos Portal Types : The differences in types of chaos portals.
Chaprenulas : Information on the area Chaprenula's Laboratory.
Charge : Allows user to charge into a room, hurting all present.
Chariot of Sustarre : Powerful transport spell with mgical component.
Charm Person : Charms the victim to become one of your minions.
Chasm and Catacombs : Information on the area The Chasm and The Catacombs.
Childs play : Information on the area Childs Play.
Chill Touch : Chills your victim and reduces their strength.
Christmas Vacation : Information on area Christmas Vacation
Circle : Maneuver behind opponent for an additional attack.
Clan Skills : Clan-specific abilities.
Clanadmin : Clan information/management command.
Clanallies : Overview of the clan alliance system.
Clandisband : Policies for struggling clans.
Clandonate : Allows you to donate gold to your clan.
Claninfo : Will give information on clan related details.
Clanleaders : Policies/information regarding clan leadership.
Clanmerge : Protocol for merging two clans.
Clanobjchanges : Rules regarding changing existing clan objects.
Clanqpdonate : Allows you to donate Quest Points to your clan.
Clanraidrules : Policy on PK clans / ability to raid.
Clans : Aardwolf's themed mini-communities.
Clanspying : Details on the 'clan spying' code.
Clantags : Toggle display of clan logos in who / gclan channel.
Clantalk : In-clan communication.
Clantrans : Allows a leader to create transporters for clan members
Class Channels : Class-specific conversation channels.
Class Stats : Class-based recommendations for training stats.
Classchange : Changes your primary class.
Classes : List of Aardwolf Classes
Cleansing : Purges the caster of impurities and ill affects.
Clear : Removes player-set fields (and raided item flag).
Cleave : Cleaves the victim's shield in two!
Cleric : Information about the cleric class.
Client FAQ : Questions about popular MUD client issues
Client Parsing : Characters parsed in special ways by MUD clients
Clients : Data about connected players.
Clist : Will give a listing of the clans in Aardwolf.
Cobra Bane : Uses deadly cobra poison to strike your foe.
Colors : Syntax to add color to parts of Aardwolf.
Colorset : Changing channel/other output colors.
Colour Spray : Magical spray of colours using against its victim.
Combat : Allows you to enter a War.
Combat Empathy : Learn more from your opponent during combat.
Combat Maze : Kill other players without those annoying death penalti
Combat Mind : Grants a very keen understanding of battle tactics.
Command : Magically commands a mob to carry out an order.
Commands : Displays a list of all commands available to you.
Compact : Removes spaces between concurrent lines.
Compare : Information about the inventory score and compare syste
Comprehension : Information about the clanskill 'comprehension'
Compression : Compresses the psi's body, enhancing resistances.
Conceal : Conceals an items aura from magical location.
Condemn : Binds the enemy's soul to darkness.
Cone of Cold : Blasts forth a cone of freezing air at the target.
Config : Various configuration options for your character.
Confiscate : Details regarding return of owned equipment.
Conjure Elemental : Use various components to enlist the elements.
Consent : Allows a specific person to loot your corpse.
Containers : Properties of item containers on Aardwolf.
Contents : Breakdown of help files by category.
Continents : Background on the new continent system.
Continual Light : Creates a magical ball of light to guide the way.
Control Flames : Use flame from light source to strike down a victim.
Contsw : No longer necessary- see 'help speedwalk'.
Coordinates : Find your location on a continent.
Coral Kingdom : Information on the Coral Kingdom.
Corin Au-Aina Onoro : A society of devout paladins.
Corpses : Special attributes of corpses and equipment on them.
Corrupt : Baal Clan skill to pervert their enemies.
Cougarian Queendom : The Cougarian Queendom.
Council of the Wyrm : Information on the area The Council of the Wyrm.
Council of the Wyrm - 2 : Information on the area The Council of the Wyrm.
Counter Strike : Counter-strike after a successful parry.
Cracks of Terra : Information on the 'Cracks of Terra' goal.
Cradlebrook : Information on the area Cradlebrook.
Craft : Amazon V1 clan skill.
Crafter : Information about the Crafter subclass.
Create Holy Symbol : Create a magical holy symbol that will help in combat.
Create Poultice : Creates an infusion of beneficial herbs.
Creators Wisdom : An Imm-only spellup spell.
Crimson : Information on the Crimson Horde clan.
Crusader : Information on the Crusaders clan.
Crusader-Joining : Information on joining Crusaders clan.
Crynns Church : Information on the Crynn's Church area.
Cure Blindness : Healing power used to restore a victim's sight.
Cure Critical : Heals a high amount of wounds.
Cure Disease : The power of the Gods to burn the illness from a person
Cure Epidemic : Cures a roomful of diseased urchins.
Cure Light : Heals a small amount of wounds.
Cure Poison : Healing power used to cure some types of poison.
Cure Serious : Heals a moderate amount of wounds.
Cure Weakness : Information on cure for the 'weakness' spell.
Curse : Forsakes a player from their deity, with negative impac
Curse Item : Bonds items to you using a magical curse.
Curse of Sloth : Information on the Witch spell, Curse of Sloth
Cyclone : Captures the enemy in a furious wind of death
clanmotd : Information on the clan message of the day.
current games : List of current Imm-run games.\\