Help Ifilter

Syntax:  market filter <option(s)> | lbid -f <option(s)>
        inv filter <option(s)>

'ifilter' is not a command, but rather a generic name for filter options
that are applied towards inventory and/or market search results.  To use
these options, use 'market filter <option>' or 'lbid -f <options>' when
searching market items and 'inv filter <option>' for inventory filtering.

Filters for both market and inventory

[min] ([max])    Restrict level range of items. Maximum optional.

<wear-flag>      Shows items with a specific wear location (neck, wrist,
                etc.; see 'help wearable').

<type>          Show only items of a specific item type (weapon, armor,
                portal, etc.; see 'help eq-types' for a list).

<stat>          Show only items that modify a particular stat.  Available
                options are Str, int, wis, con, dex, luck, hp, mana, move,
                hitroll, damroll.

precious        Shows only items with the precious flag (usually quest
                equipment and trivia items; see 'help object flags').

special          Shows 'special' always loot items such as poker cards and
                Aarchaeology pieces.

bonus            Shows 'bonus' loot items. Will only work on items loaded
                from this point forward (February 11, 2018).

Filters for 'market filter' only

[qp|tp|gold]    Displays auctions selling for given currency.

showcase        Lists only showcase items.

closing          Lists items with three hours or less left in lauction.

mine            Shows items you are selling as well as items where you
                currently have highest bid.

outbid          If you bid on an item and were outbid (and the item is
                still on the market), it will be listed here.

clanitem        Shows all items from clan areas (closed or open).

Filters for 'inv filter' only

nosave          Displays items that won't save when quitting (see 'help

timed            Shows any items with an affect or rot timer.

kept/unkept      Shows items with/without kept flag (see 'help keep').

cursed          Shows nodrop/noremove items (see 'help object flags').

looted          Shows items looted. Once the items are shown, the 'looted'
                flag is cleared. This makes it possible to only display 
                items looted since the last time this command was used. 
                This only works when you autoloot an item.

These filters may be combined, but only one wear-location and/or item type
filter may be used at a time; for example, 'inv filter 1 100 neck' or
'market filter showcase weapon clanitem'.