Hunt Trick

Help Hunt Trick

Many players have learned to use the abilities and limitations of certain
game commands to their advantage.  One common example of this is commonly
referred to as the 'hunt trick'.

During campaigns you will get a specific message when you try to hunt 
your target, preventing you from doing so. Other targets with the same 
or similar names may still be hunted, however.  This is very useful when, 
for example, your target is 'a guard' in an area with 30 different guards 
and only one will give credit.  (See 'help mobkeys' for
an explanation as to why this occurs.)

Hunt will always give a response, even if you do not have the skill or do
not have it practiced.  When you attempt to hunt a mob, and you receive the
message that you are unable to hunt that target, you then know that this
mob is the 'correct' mob to kill for a campaign - if it was the
wrong one, you would simply get a random direction instead. Once you
ascertain which mob it is, you can then use the 'where' command to check
what room it is currently in to help you find your target.

To use this trick, 'hunt 1.<target>' (e.g., hunt 1.guard ), then 'hunt
2.<target>', 'hunt 3.<target>', etc., until you are unable to hunt your
target.  Then use this number with the 'where' command ('where 4.guard') to
find the room with the target.

Tip: Looking at an online map of the area can also be helpful.  See 'help

Note: The inability to hunt target(s) remains even after you have killed
your target, until the campaign is completed or quit.