Help History12

29th Jan 2006: Four new Imms added this week: Dirtworm, Timeghost, Xeno, and

19th Mar 2006: The Lost Rogues clan added- first clan won by auction.

27th Mar 2006: Scry no longer works into manors.  Shields were not reducing
              damage correctly, now fixed (and includes magic damage). 
              Nochannel auto-expires.  'tpspend remarry' removes divorce

12th Jun 2006: Clan donation bug fixed.  Newbies now level 25 and under
              instead of 15, still 200 hours.

12th Jul 2006: Whitdjinn steps down from immortality.

30th Jul 2006: After a lot of work by many people, continents and the new
              replacement for Midgaard, Aylor, are live!  Addition of
              'bigmap' and 'coordinates' commands for use w/ continents.

13th Aug 2006: Longer timer on successful raids.  Boosts to raided gear and
              enchanting.  'nofido' now 'nodeliver'.  Note width 79 chars.

15th Aug 2006: The Gladiator's Arena area by Atreidess added.  Siren's
              Oasis Resort area by Nikkei & Nasdaq added.  *social will
              override game commands.  TPupgrade command boosts older eq.

16th Sep 2006: Non-T9s now save a portion of their hp/mana/mv pools on tier
              (see 'help tier').  'shelp random' displays random social.

8th Dec 2006: The Archipelago of Entropy area added (Gastro & Dras).  New
              'rget' command to take items from room instead of inventory.

1st Jan 2007: Special events can have random qreset- see 'help qreset'.

10th Jan 2007: Vitae becomes an Immortal of Aardwolf.

14th Jan 2007: Eclaboussure and Halo join the Immortal staff.

4th Feb 2007: Raid key bug fixed.  Newbies start w/ 90% in primary weapon.

6th Feb 2007: Subclass coding begins!  Class-specific dodges (blink, etc.)
              now limited, based upon primary class.

12th Feb 2007: Subclass command implemented, everyone placed into a
              subclass- see 'help subchange'.  Race exp penalties removed.

19th Mar 2007: New subclass skills- totem spells & summon life for Shamans,
              huntmaster for Hunters.  Tier class names removed.

26th Mar 2007: Eclaboussure steps down from Imm.

24th Apr 2007: Skills/spells improved for primary classes.  Dodges for all
              classes again.  Stat cap now 400 natural/600 adjusted.  New
              ranger auto-spell, Gaia's Revenge.

13th May 2007: Rebuild fixed for T9 redo.  'help search <text>'.  Paladins
              get Test of Faith, extra align-based damage each round.

30th May 2007: Empath skill 'Combat Empathy'.  Bandit skill 'Entrap'.
              Mindflayer skill 'Slow'.  Random object resets.

5th Jun 2007: Insanitaria and Eternal Autumn areas added. Into the Long
              Night area updated.  Quadrapus becomes an Imm.

7th Jul 2007: All In A Fayke Day and Xyl's Mosaic areas added. Changes
              to Into The Long Night take effect.

15th Jul 2007: New subclass spells! Evokers get 'power project' for
              extra spell hits. Elementalists get elemental foci and
              elemental wards to increase and reduce earth/air/fire/water
              based damage. Harmers may use 'suppressed healing' to cut
              heal rates from spells, and priests can counter by using
              'augmented healing'.

2nd Aug 2007: The classchange command is added, allowing players to
              change their primary class for a cost.

15th Oct 2007: Zangar's Demonic Grotto area added (Gastro).

    Nov 2007: Development on Aardwolf V3 begins.  No code updates on V2-
              no reason to do the same work twice!

14th Nov 2007: New Immortals! Althalus, Ikyu, Madcatz, Oladon, Takihisis,
              and Xaade.

18th Dec 2007: Qong area added (Gastro/Ninja).  200/201 quest target ranges

9th Feb 2008: Chaprenula's Laboratory and Chasm & the Catacombs stock
              replacements introduced.  Masquerade Island added.

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