Help History04

5th Jul 1997: Personal manors installed. Type 'help manor'.
              Avatar of war visits Aardwolf.

11th Jul 1997: Automated Superhero implemented. ID mob. 
              Corrupt and Spirit form clan skills. Midgaard estates and
              Wizard of Oz area added. (Straw)

18th Jul 1997: Bonding mob added in Midgaard.

25th Jul 1997: Sanctify - Light clan skill added.
              DragonGate - Dragon clan skill added. 'Email' command
              added. 'Finger' command added. Identd/multiport.
              'Rlist' added into olc. Weapon flag mob added.

1st Aug 1997: Weight setting mob added in Midgaard.

8th Aug 1997: Multi-Auction system implemented.
              'Clantrans' command added.

15th Aug 1997: Barter channel added.

22nd Aug 1997: Aardwolf's new help system implemented.
              Amazon nation area added. (Philondra).
              Rewrite of Old Thalos by Chameleon/Claire added. 

29th Aug 1997: Gamestat 5 (mudstats) and gamestat 6/7 added.
              AFKMSG command added (help afkmsg).
              Mob-factory 97 installed. (Chameleon)

6th Sep 1997: Study command added. (Help study).
              Online command added. (Help online).

13th Sep 1997: Bard, Crusader, Xunti and Imperium clans created.
              Global socials added.

20th Sep 1997: Land of the Beer goblins area added. (Artemis)
              'Gemote'  command added. 'Wset' for weapon damtypes added. 
              No longer need imm to remove outcast.

27th Sep 1997: RUN command added. PAGE/ALLOWBEEP added. Extra 
              measures taken for clan security.

4th Oct 1997: Desert Prison area added. (Ragnar).

11th Oct 1997: Corpse saving added. See 'HELP CORPSES'.

18th Oct 1997: Clan PK system rewritten, see 'HELP PK'. Bounty
              code added - 'HELP BOUNTY'. Rewritten 9 hells area
              for max level.

25th Oct 1997: Imperial city of Reme added (Zaister). 
              Underwater breathing added along with possibility to drown.

1st Nov 1997: 'Mobkills' command added.

7th Nov 1997: 'Areakills' and 'Areadeaths' commands added.
              Shayol Ghul area installed (Venger).

14th Nov 1997: Objects affects increasing/decreasing skills added.
              New 'Say' command added. Stardock area added (Moiraine).

21st Nov 1997: Who2 and Who3 added. Dictionary of 'illegal names' now
              online. New skills/spells: Trophy, spy, grey aura, 
              illuminate, scout, purify, survey, aim, wayfind, chaos 
              portal, solidify and plaguebane.

28th Nov 1997: Valkur's rewritten graveyard area added.

6th Dec 1997: 'Learned' command added.

13th Dec 1997: 'Nostatus' toggle added. 'Allspells' command added.
              When someone levels, mud will show new skills/spells.
              'Resurrect' skill is in (Crusaders). 'Insight' skill
              is in (Watchmen).

20th Dec 1997: Plague will show in 'scan'. Worldheal imm commands 
              removes all plague from realm. Ltalk channel added.
              Full color customization is in - not only channels
              but also room names, mob names, etc..

27th Dec 1997: BattleSpam command added. Warsit command added.
              Colour configuration for attacks and several more 
              channels. Smote channel added.

29th Dec 1997: 8 new races: Triton, Vampire, Eldar, Ratling, 
              Lizard, Shadow, Diva, Wolfen.

1st Jan 1998: Global quest system installed. 
              See 'help global quests'.

10th Jan 1998: Enchanted tell/replay/afk system added. 
              See 'help savetells'. Gquest history added.

17th Jan 1998: Automated gquests. 

24th Jan 1998: - Nothing of note happened :) -

Continued in '
HISTORY05' ...