Help History02

16th Dec 1996: Valkur makes the (very nice!) web site public. New world
              layout is presented.

17th Dec 1996: Aardwolf clan structure defined and available on web
              site. 'help clan'

19th Dec 1996: New warfare zone and helpfile added. Pet 'heeling' 
              added (see 'help pet'). Exp calculations changed to encourage

21st Dec 1996: Clan structure in. (Help clan). New trivia file added
              (Help trivia).

24th Dec 1996: Object affects and other OLC Upgrades in. Bunch of new
              Quest equipment added.

26th Dec 1996: Fifth attack, second/third attack dual added.

27th Dec 1996: Balefire, Natural Devastation, Devastating Breath in.

28th Dec 1996: Unlawful Entry, Locate Corpse, Camp, Retreat added.

29th Dec 1996: Bashdoor, Vaccinate, Warmth, Blockexit, Willpower,
              Holy Mirror, Acidproof, Shockproof, Energy Shield added.

31st Dec 1996: Autotick added. Accelerate for PSI added. 'Auto' redone.

1st Jan 1997: Lightspeed added.

4th Jan 1997: Nobletalk channel added, shipwreck/dylans/astral plane

5th Jan 1997: Quest sell added. NOPASS/NOSCAN exits working.
              Slaughter House now level 130 to 145.

7th Jan 1997: Owned items online.

9th Jan 1997: Hero levelling is in. See 'HELP HERO'.

10th Jan 1997: Autorecall added. Warstatus command added.

14th Jan 1997: Character creation rewritten.

17th Jan 1997: Clans open, 6 clans in total, 'help clan'

18th Jan 1997: Clan only notes added. Clan warfare working.

21st Jan 1997: Aardwolf auto-advice system added.

22nd Jan 1997: Watfish's area Empire of Tsuranuanni added.

23rd Jan 1997: Mobprogs converted for Aardwolf and in test.

25th Jan 1997: Aardwolf moves to its own dedicated server.

29th Jan 1997: (WANTED) flag added.
5th Feb 1997: Pyromania and Lightning Strike added.

20th Feb 1997: Trivia bonus mobs coded into mud.
3rd Mar 1997: New clan applications being accepted.
8th Mar 1997: Multiclass is in!! See 'Help remort'

12th Mar 1997: Sense anger spell added.

15th Mar 1997: Midgaard food delivery added. Tech channel added.

... continued in '