Gypsy Caravan

Help Gypsy Caravan

Laughter fills the air along the Caravan Road, as a cheerful couple greets
you. Travellers from near and far fill the gypsy markets here, looking to
strike a deal. Couples dance in the streets with merriment much to the 
amusement of dignitaries and noblemen passing through.

Although not all is as it seems... the air here feels dense, and the faces
of shopkeepers are veiled with thin smiles. Although the gypsies go about 
the day with determination, there is a more sinister force behind the 

A blood curdling scream echoes through the streets, coming from the gardens!
Will you answer the call, and help restore peace to the Gypsy Caravan?

Level Range        : 200-201
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 201
Goal Converter      : Myrddin
Area Author        : Justme & Rumour

Notes: Sept 13th, 2010. Gypsy Caravan replaced Market Road

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