Help Group

Syntax: group                : Shows group stats (if in a group).
        group <character>    : Add a character to a group.
        group accept <leader> : Accept a group invite from <leader>
        group <option>        : See below for a list of more group options.

Grouping allows players within 15 levels of each other to join together to
share experience and rewards. Players in a group can usually take advantage
of each other's special abilities to kill faster and/or hunt larger targets
than they can handle solo. It can also just simply be more fun to hunt in a

Aardwolf allows you to create a group, flag the group as public or 
private, invite other players to join, reassign group leadership and 
track experience and kills over a period of time. 

Basic Grouping

The basic version of grouping simply requires you to follow someone.
If they 'group' you, you will be added to their group. If they don't 
already have a group, one will be created. Once this has been done,
all of the options below are available.

Enhanced Grouping

The 'group' command has multiple options based on whether or not you are
already in a group, and your status within the group:

Global Group Commands

Group Create <Groupname> : Allows you to create a new group that you
  can then invite other players to join. 

Group Create <Groupname> private : Adding the 'private' option will 
  make your group invisible to others.

Group List: List all publicly visible groups and their level range.
  Using 'group list stats' shows the list with kills/exp values.

Group Rank [option]: Sorts the list of public groups in order of
  kills (option 1) or total exp (option 2)

Group Accept <Leader>: Accept a group invite from the given group leader.

Group Decline <Leader>: Decline a group invite from given group leader.

Group Invites: See any outstanding group invitations you have.

Group Member Commands

Group Leave: Leave the group. If the person leaving is a group leader,
  a new leader will be automatically assigned. If the person leaving 
  is the last player in the group, the group will be disbanded.

Group Stats: Show the kills and total experience for each group member.
  Only kills occuring in the room with the group leader will update stats.

Group Stats Resetme: Reset your stats in this group.

Group Leader Commands

Group Invite <Player>: Invite other players into the group.

Group Invited: View outstanding invitations for this group.

Group Cancel <Player>: Cancel an invitation previously made to a 

Group Kick <Player>: Kick a person out of the group.

Group Leader <Player>: Assign leadership to another group member.

Group Disband: Disband the group completely.

Group Stats Reset: Reset the group stats (group header stats only).

Group Rename: Rename the group to something else.

Group Flag [Public/Private]: Flag the group public or private. The
  default setting for groups that consist of more than one player is 
  public. Public groups that have more than one member can be seen by
  anyone in '
group list'. Private groups can only be seen by members 
  and people who have been invited to join the group.

Group Related Commands

Other commands that are important while in a group are:

Gtell: Talk to other group members on the group channel. The semicolon
  is a shortcut for grouptell. '
Gtell -h' shows group history.

Share <amount>: Split <amount> of gold equally between group members.
  See also the '
autoshare' config option.

Autoassist: Toggles whether or not you will automatically join combat
  to assist your group leader.

Group Related Notes

* A 'kill' is only counted when the group leader is in the room - 
  this is intentional. A kill is also only counted when it gives 
  experience - charging through newbie areas to rack up kill counts will
  not work.

* Following yourself no longer removes you from a group - use 'group
leave' to leave a group completely.

* 'Nofollow' prevents people from directly following you - it does
  not stop someone from automatically following you if you add them to
  your group - presumably when you do this you *want* them to follow
  you. Nofollow is intended to prevent random followers.

* Cursing is prohibited in the group name if it is a public group.