Dual Wield

Help Dual Wield

Syntax: dual <weapon name>
        dual remove

Physical classes can learn to wield a secondary weapon in their off-hand,
which can be used for an extra attack on opponents.  Due to the skill
required to use this ability, the second weapon must be half the weight of
the first (or less), and there is no room to use a shield or hold other
objects while using two weapons.  Dexterity and luck, combined with weapon
and dual wielding proficiency, will determine how many hits your secondary
weapon will get.

Soldiers ignore weapon weights when dual wielding.

In Aylor, there is a place where you can have your weapon weights halved
and doubled. See '
help tpspend' for more details.  Some legends say weapons
can be balanced and feel so light that the pair are interchangeable.

second' and 'offhand' are synonymous with 'dual'.  You can remove any item
in the dual wield slot using the syntax '
dual remove'.  Using dual will
automatically remove held/shield items.

Instinct Bonus: The potential to increase total number of hits.  (See
help instinct').