Dhal Gora Outlands

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The Dhal'Gora outlands are ringed by a range of mountains known as Razor 
Spine Ridge, and are divided by the feared Forest of Teeth. The forest is 
full of deadly traps and creatures that will devour the flesh from your 
bones. On the eastern side of the forest are the plains of Dhal'Gora, 
barren and empty. Across the plains are the High Elves, their capital 
beset upon by a foe who cannot breach their walls. To the west of the 
forest are the humans, who enjoy a vibrant trade with the other denizens 
of the land. Tales of terror are told about the Swamp of Blood and Tears, 
which lies far to the south of the outlands, brave adventurers and
travellers from far lands often disappear in the swamps, and those who do
manage to survive lose a part of themselves forever, or so rumours would
have it.
In the High-Elven city of Eyllsineldth, Ruarail has a terminally ill patient
and he needs some rare ingredients to finish making his remedy to cure the
horrible disease that is ravaging his patient's body. As the city is under
a constant attack, no one can be spared to begin the long and difficult
search. Are you up to the challenge? It would mean a harrowing trip into
the mountains of Razor Spine Ridge, surviving the dangers of the Forest of
Teeth, and wallowing in the mud that is the Swamp of Blood and Tears. You
are his best chance to find a cure for this disease, will you be able to
help him or will you die trying?
Level Range        : 10 to 50
Goal Difficulty    : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 35
Goal Converters    : Rumour & Paramore
Area Author        : Rumour

Note: This area replaces Island of Stardock.

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