Help Death

Death is far from permanent on Aardwolf.  When you die, the following occur:

- All your active skills/spells (except recovery timers) are cleared.

- If you died to a monster, you will lose some experience (at least 400),
  and have a small chance of losing one point in a random stat, which can
  be re-trained like normal. 

- Deaths to players bring no direct exp loss (see '
help pk').  Instead,
  there is an optional grace period where you cannot be attacked, but also
  suffer reduced experience.  You may voluntarily drop this protection- see
help nograce'.

- Your gold stays on your character, but your equipment is put in a corpse.
  PK-based deaths (pk, warfare, duel, etc.) do not leave a corpse; your
  equipment stays with you.

- If you have a clan, your corpse goes to the clan morgue room and you go
  to your clan's death recall room (usually the same room).  Unclanned and
  outcast players end up at the Aylorian hospital and must retrieve their
  corpses from the room where they died.

Once you've healed up, simply return to where your corpse was and '
get all
' and then 'wear all' and proceed like normal.  You have several game
hours to get back to your corpse before it rots (see '
help corpses'), so
don't worry.  If you need help getting back to your corpse, ask for a 
corpse retrieval (CR) on the newbie channel if possible, or another channel
if you don't have it (see '
help cr').

You, your spouse, and anyone on your consent list (see '
help consent') are
the only people that can take anything from your corpse while the noloot
command is toggled on.  Nobody else can take anything from your corpse; 
the equipment is safe.  Once all the gear is removed from your corpse, it
will rot away.

Some players have looked to their deities for help in cheating death.  See
help miracle' and 'help lifechant' for more information.