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Help: DeadIdeas

Help Dead Ideas

The following help files contain arguments that constantly come up on the
ideas/feedback boards (as well as elsewhere), and are accepted as '
the ideas should no longer be discussed.

Due to the length of this file, it has been split into several other files.
The help file for each is listed after the category, e.g., '
help di-misc'.

Clans ('help di-clans'):  NoPK vs PK arguments.

Double ('help di-double'):  Thoughts on double experience.

Gold ('help di-gold'):  Earning interest, comma formatting in prompts.

Leveling ('help di-level'):  Issues regarding leveling or level-sitting.

Manors ('help di-manors'):  Upgrades/options for manors.

Misc ('help di-misc'):  Anything not covered elsewhere.

MUD Standards ('help di-standards'): ASCII & higher-level MUD operations.

Notes ('help di-notes'):  Note writing options.

Quests ('help di-quests'):  Dropping quest time, adding quest items.

Spouses ('help di-spouses'):  Sharing more than just quest items & love.

Tiers ('help di-tiers'):  Bonuses exclusively for tiers.

Deadideas: Updating 'help deadideas' with other dead ideas or former
          dead ideas that made a miraculous recovery.

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