Help Darklight

Since the Orb of the World was sundered, the realm of DarkLight was thrown 
into conflict. War has raged for years, yet the victor has yet to 
emerge. As if on the edge of a knife, the balance teeters 
precariously. An old prophecy has surfaced recently, and word on the 
street is that a Hero from the stars will come to end the war...
One way or the other.
Level Range        : 60 to 120
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 120
Goal Converter      : Redryn
Area Author        : Randprin
Area added 4th Sep, 1999.  Goal added November, 2010.

Look for the Andromeda Galaxy in Vidblain

Coords: 14, 23 (see 'help coords' and 'help vi-vidblain'.)

The AardWiki has maps of the area here: