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Help Crynns Church

Not too long ago, Crynn, a priest of Ayla, lost his faith after being 
cursed and left to die within Inferno. He was granted a second chance, a 
chance to redeem himself and start a new era, a better era of a better 
deity. He would not be granted the power of a God, but he became one 
"I found a strange parchment within one of the continents standing upon a 
small altar with candles burning upon it. As I read this strange language, 
I felt the world shift, and heard the gods scream in agony. It was a 
pleasurable experience, so I continued to read...."  - Extracted from 
Crynn's Diary during the Year of the Snake.
Crynn was granted the power of a god, so he no longer needed one to use 
his spells in the name of others. Demons from the underworld found this 
piece of information and tried to get Crynn to sell his soul to them, 
but the tides turned as Crynn used his new devastating powers to enslave
them. Not long after this, rangers from Ranger Heaven started wailing at 
their brothers being taken prisoner as well, and sent for the rangers 
still walking with us to go investigate. No feedback has been given yet, 
which means they must not have made it past the church doors that Crynn 
had brought up, the church where all these demons are bound to the mortal 
world to work as slaves for the mad priest.
Level Range        : 195 to 201
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 200
Goal Min Level      : Level 195
Goal Max Level      : Level 201
Goal Author        : Sammael
Area Author        : Sammael & Dreamfyre

This area is suggested for people with high game experience at the 
superhero level.

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