Help Colorset

Syntax: colorset status          : Displays current settings.
        colorset colors          : Shows available colors and their names.
        colorset <option> <color> : Sets specified option to desired color.
        colorset normal          : Restores normal default mud colors.
        colorset brights          : Restores bright default mud colors.
Aardwolf allows each player to choose the color scheme they would like to
play with. Players can choose not only which color they would like to see 
each channel in, but also which color to use for mob names in the room,
room names, autoexit displays, and many more common attributes in the game.

Setting these colors can completely change how the game appears to you and
you might need to experiment with them a little to find the scheme you like. 

Type '
colorset colors' to see the 15 standard colors, their names, and
the color code for use in the game (see '
help color').  'colorset status'
will show a list of output types that may be changed.  To change a setting,
use '
colorset <option name> <color name>' (e.g, 'colorset mobs bblue').

You may also use '
colorset normal' or 'colorset brights' to change to the
default set of MUD colors or a brighter alternative, respectively.

If your client has xterm 256 color capability (see '
help xterm'), you 
may also colorset channels to any of the 256 xterm colors by using 
colorset <option> [0-255]'. 

See '
help xterm' for more information.