Client FAQ

Help Client FAQ

The following are common questions regarding various MUD clients and
Aardwolf.  For more help with the Aardwolf MUD client, visit the web page .

How do I enable MCCP?
This varies based upon the client used.  See '
help mccp' for more details.

In the Aardwolf client, channels show up in both the main window and the
chats window.
Type '
chats echo off' to show channels in the chat window only.

How do I close one of the Aardwolf client windows?
You can simply hit the X in the corner of the window to close it, or
remove the particular plugin completely (see the FAQ on disabling plugins
on the FAQ web page, listed above).

I tried the Aardwolf client, and now there's a bunch of numbers and stuff
after my prompt, before channels, etc.
Type '
statmon' to toggle off prompt information and 'tags off' to turn off
the tags around channels & other messages.  See '
help statmon'/'help tags'.

I can't use .p , .q , and other commands in the editor.
See the bottom of '
help description' for an explanation and solution.

I want to see my map in the main window, not in a different one.
Click on the main window, then select file, then plugins.
Select Aardwolf_map, then remove to disinstall plugin.

Where do I find scripts for my client?
See '
help www' for a list of player/clan-owned websites which may include
scripts.  Alternate places include asking on the Tech channel or board, or
forums for the client itself.