Help Clans

Clans are a group of players following a common theme or goal and are a 
very important part of Aardwolf.  Most clans provide for a limited means
of player-killing (PK, see '
help pk'); some are for the community and do
not take part in this aspect (see '
help nopk').

Clans provide many benefits to members of that clan:

* Their own area, complete with donation, jail, and recall rooms, as well
  as clan shortcut exits to far-away areas
* Clan morgues, where corpses and players appear upon death
* Clan-only skills, spells, and equipment, including armor and potions
* Separate 'community' bank accounts and optional tax rates for gold and
  quest points that all members can donate to, used for clan purchases
* Private clan-only communication via channels and notes/boards.

A list of current clans and pseudo-clans (see '
help loner' and 'help
') can be found by typing 'clist'.

You may find information on a clan in a few ways.  The most basic way is
by typing '
clist' and then 'help <short>' (e.g., 'help boot').  Clans also
often have more detailed/updated information on their web pages, which you
can see by typing '
claninfo <short>'.

Clans have their own requirements and their own application process in
order for a player to join their ranks. If you are interested in joining a
clan, you will likely need to visit their website or contact their members
to find out what is required of you.

Joining a clan is not something to be undertaken lightly; once in a clan, 
the only way to leave is to become an outcast (see '
help outcast').

Other clan-related commands include:

* clandonate/clanqpdonate - Donate gold/quest points to the clan's account.
* claninfo - Show rankings and leaders of a clan.
* clanadmin - Various clanleader commands/settings.

See the help files on each for more information.

For a list of clan upgrade options, type '
contents clan', or check
out the Clans section of the Builder's website, listed in '
help www'.