Captain-General Alaz

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Desden Alazar is the head of the Warriors' Guild; a post traditionally given
the title of Captain-General. He is a dark elf, and served with distinction
in various House Armies of the Underdark before joining the guild and moving
up the ranks to its highest office. He is an adroit politician, and on top
of his leadership of the Warriors' Guild he is also the elected Chairman of
the Guild Council.

He has recently gained some unwanted scrutiny due to the publishing of the
Protocols of the Elders of the Aqua Regia by historian Jachin Belbo. In that
work it is claimed that Alazar is involved in a conspiracy to take control
of Aylor. He has not responded to these rumors directly, but a spokesperson
for his office has said that the allegations are childish, and smack of
conspiracy theory.