Help CM-Claninfo

Clan Management: Claninfo Changes

The following costs apply to changing information in Claninfo, as well as
to miscellaneous clan area and clanskill help file changes.

MG 1.1  Change Clan Logo (Max 20 chars not incl. colours)        10M
MG 1.2  Change a Clan Rank name (Max 20 chars, no colours)        500k
MG 1.3  Change Clan Deity (Max 20 chars, no colours)                2M
MG 1.41  Change Clan Area Name (Max 30 chars, no colours)            1M
MG 1.42  Change Clan Area Repop Message                              2M
MG 1.51  Add/Change Clan Help file ('help clanname')                3M
MG 1.52  Add/Change Clan Skill Help file                            3M
MG 1.53  Add/Change Clan Sub-Helpfile ('help clanname-<text>')       3M
MG 1.6  Move location of clan area                                15M
MG 1.7  Set up Clan Transporters/clantrans command                  5M

- Help files should have minimal color codes, and be reasonable in length
  and a maximum of 75 characters (excluding color codes) in width.
- For clan maze location rules, see 'help CM-Mazeloc'.
- Clan location costs are cumulative over a one year period (Jan-Dec)
(+15M per move)