Help Bid

    bid <number> <amount>


Type '
bid' to see a list of current items for auction.
Type '
bid <auction number> <gold amount>' to place a bid on an item currently
    being auctioned.


Typing '
bid' with no arguments will show items currently up for auction,
including auction number, name, current bid, and time left.

bid <number>' will show the stats of the item with that number, as well as
the current bid.

bid <number> <amount>' will place a bid on the item with the corresponding
number.  The amount must be 5% more than the previous bid or 50,000 gold,
whichever is less.  The winning bid is subject to fees; see the end of
help auction' for an explanation.

Bid will only accept current gold on hand, not gold you have stashed in the