Archmage Ardraxus

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Ardraxus is currently the Archmage; the title given to the head of the
Mages' Guild. Little is known about his early years, as he has used magic
to prolong his lifespan far beyond that of most humans. What is known is
that he trained at the High Tower of Sorcery, and served for a time as the
Master of the Black Robes. Some scoffed when he was chosen to be the next
Archmage, but he insisted that he would put the position before his moral
or political opinions. So far he has done so admirably, and there have been
no complaints of impartiality.

His involvement with the philanthropic organization Aqua Regia recently
became a matter of hot debate after the Protocols of the Elders of the
Aqua Regia was published by Jachin Belbo. In it the historian claimed
Ardraxus is involved in a plot with that organization to take over Aylor.
Ardraxus himself has spoken on the accusations, and calls them foolish.