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  The Amazon Jungle is one of the world's most famous ecosystems, it yields
rich resources to those who treat it with respect. A small section of the
world that-to this day-remains relatively uncorrupted. For thousands of
years our people have prospered throughout the region and will continue to
do so for thousands more to come.
  Our Tribes' habitation spans from the lowest river valleys to the highest
mountain peaks; deep within the heart of the jungle, cut off entirely from
"civilized" societies. We have learned to make use of the surrounding
terrain, flora and fauna in order to thrive within our natural environment.
  Though there are a great many tribes, the largest among them are the
Yanomami, the enlightened tribe who value equality above all else.
The Kayapos, forest traders who collect and share goods with all of the
other tribes. The Caboclos, savages of the jungle who serve only
themselves, known for their unpredictability. The Witotos, a powerful tribe
of formidable warriors, always on the front lines of battle.
  Those of us within the commune of the Amazon Clan have gained a level of
comprehension for the natural world that most cannot attain. We have
accepted the realization that all living things are connected, that the
jungle's resources are infinite and should be shared. Our members work
together with their fellow cohabitants in order to develop each others'
skills and gather resources for mutual benefit. Allow us to enlighten you.
To become one with the forest and it's peoples, post a note on the personal
board addressed to 'amazon' or contact a clan leader. More information
about the amazon clan can be found on our website.

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