Help Afk


    Syntax: afk <message>


Type '
afk' to go AFK (Away From Keyboard).
Type '
afk <message>' to go AFK with a message.


Typing AFK puts your character in AFK (Away From Keyboard) mode.  You will
show up as <AFK> on the who-list, and people who try to send you a tell will
get a message that you're AFK.

To remove AFK mode, simply type 'afk' again. If there are any tells waiting
for you, the game will tell you.  You can see them by typing '

You can also add a custom message besides informing players you're just away
from the keyboard.  To do so, simply add your message after the 'afk'.  It
can be changed while afk as well- see '
help afkmsg'.

WARNING: Being AFK will not prevent aggressive monsters from attacking you,
and will not pause your quest timer. If you go AFK during a quest or in a 
potentially unsafe room, it is at your own risk.

Being AFK in a room which contains an aggressive mob, with or without 
triggers to keep you alive or attack, is still gaining experience without
interaction and therefore considered illegal.  If you need to go AFK and
the room loads an aggressive mob, leave the room (or better yet, the area
completely).  Accidents may happen, but if you're prone to suddenly going
AFK, you might want to venture in safer areas.